Monday, February 13, 2012

Martins: Gas Deals 2/12-2/18

-You can do the deal multiple times to keep accumulating points 2/12-2/18 and in the same transaction.
-Fill Ups are based on 20 Gallons (single vehicle) so if you car takes less, bring a gas can to fill up your other car or for lawn mower with the additional. It will cut off at 20 gallons.
-More about Fuel Points here

Buy 8 Earn $0.20 Off or 12 Earn $0.40 Off 

Green Giant Canned Vegetables $1.00
Buy 12 =$12.00 (Save $0.40 off 20 Gallons or $8.00 savings off 20 Gallons)
=$4.00 so $0.33 each


Buy 204 cans = $204.00 plus tax

So $0.40 x 17 sets = $6.80

This is an okay deal since we have a 20 gallon max here unlike other area that have 30 gallon max. Say your car only take 12 gallons. Remember to use the gas can(s) to store the additional gas. Other wise you are always leaving 8 gallons you have already paid for. You have to buy gas so why not do two for one.

Or look at it this way say your gas budget for the month is $300.00. You would only send $204 plus tax and if your car takes regular say $3.40 a gallon. You could fill up twice, have food and you still have 16 gallons for the same price. Of course donate some and share with your family LOL.

So that's almost 3 fill ups, 204 cans of food and you still pocket about 90 dollars of your gas budget you didn't spend. Yeah $90 bucks to send to debt. And those of you with larger gas budgets for the month this could really rock for you.

Lastly be sure to order at customer service if this is something you plan to do or just visit multiple stores thoughout the week.

Let me know if I missed a deal. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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