About Me

I love to using coupons to save money on household items since real food mostly does not have coupons. Read about why we shifted what we were buying here Our Food Part 1 & Part 2.

We have always enjoyed "saving money" based on the concept that we were taught in school and college. But this concept hasn't worked for us. Meaning get debt now and pay it off later over the years of your life. This just didn't sit right with us as we started looking more into what the bible says concerning finances and debt.

 We were given a book by Dave Ramsey called "The Total Money Maker Over" and it really changed our lives and views of money even more over the past couple of years. Simple just live on less than you make and don't spend what you don't have. Needs need to be a need and not a want. 
I feel blessed that you have stopped by my blog. If you find a deal or have a question please send me an email so I can spread the love and I will be sure to give you credit.

Contact me via email at dreamofsavings@gmail.com.


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