Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Food

On last thursday June 23, 2011 MSNBC put an article on 10 brands that won't be around in 2012. The 7th item listed Kellogg's Corn Pops (I had a box on top of the fridge, now in the trash) is what got my attention, BHT used for freshness also in embalming fluid. WHAT!!!.

So I got to looking over the course this weekend, despite everything else that was going on with the water heater, which is fine now. I just needed to see what this article was really taking about and if I could have other items in my home and pantry that might contain yucky items.

I made a list of items in my pantry:

All-Purpose Bleached Flour, Sugar, Cornmeal, Red Whole Wheat Flour, Oatmeal (Quick & Old Fashioned), Grits, Whole Wheat Pasta, Canned Tomatoes (for my curries), Rotel Tomatoes and Chillies.

In my fridge:

Milk, Water, Tea, Fresh Vegetables, Eggs, Breads and Condiments. And Fresh Fruit in a basket I keep for easy snacks.

Our diet largely consists of rice and legumes/vegetables and meat (chicken, fish, salmon & tuna). Ocassionaly some beef if a good sale. My husband is from the islands so fresh is better. I said okay that's awesome nothing bad here. I started by writing down the ingredigents of what was in the condiments.

One thing that kept popping up was soy, high fructuose corn syrup, hydrogenated cottonseed oil and natural flavors.  So I started to google and do internet searches to find out how these items were made or where they came from. Now from a dietary stand point I already knew what foods to avoid that contained unclean food according to the bible from Deuteronomy 14:1-21, regarding clean and unclean foods, so I wasn't concerned with that.

But as I started searching I kept running into this word in my searches "Genetically Modified or Engineered" foods. Well certainly they can't mean that our food that we eat and these ingredients have been modified in some way, other than processing. But YES WAY! You mean to tell that this is not illegal and that I have been buying genetically modified food. Also the FDA does not require it's own testing, only the testing reports that the company who made the items gives it. WHAT!!!

I read a few articles that I would like to share with you:

Seeds of Deception

Your Milk on Drugs Watch videos at bottom (goggle: rBGH or rBST)

Over 120 Bioengineered Food via FDA

Note: The intended effect column is what the modification is changing.

Top items are:  Corn, Soy, Cotton & Canola.

Stay Tuned for part two

Let me know if I missed a deal. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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