Getting Started

1) Can using coupons save you money?
  • Yes. Using coupons alone for your groceries can save you 50% or more.
2) Does Kroger double coupons unlimited everyday?
  • Yes
3) How can I save time when shopping?
  • Set a budget and make a list prior to shopping. Know exactly what you plan to get and always bring your coupons with you. Never know what you might find that is an unadvertised sale.
4) How many newspapers should I buy each week?
  • At least two or three. If you only buy one newspaper you only get one item. By getting more papers you are able to stock up. Additionally when there is a Buy One Get One free sale you always need two of the same coupons. Each week I will try to provide you with coupon preview on Wednesday that will let you see what coupons are coming in the Sundays newspaper. Remember you also have coupon clipping services here to purchase additional coupons of the ones you want.
5) Can I copy coupons to have more?
  • Never copy coupons it is illegal and considered fraud.
6) What stores have coupon policy's?
  • Currently at this time Target, Walmart, Food Lion, Martin's, Rite Aid and Walgreen's.
7) What is stacking?
  • Stacking is using one store coupon and one manufacture coupon per item.
8) How many coupons can I use per item?
  • You can only you one manufacture coupon per item, if you don't have store coupon to stack.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


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