Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rite Aid: Load2Card Test Market Program

Apparently this program started February 5, 2012. You can check out Rite Aid's Facebook page.

I have not shopped at Rite Aid in over 6 months due to lack of deals, stock and shelf clearer's.
This program covers Richmond, VA, Salt Lake City and Seattle regions. From the complaints from other blogs it seems it also cover surrounding cities just like the Walgreens Card program they just ended recently until there nationwide program starts.

Example: Live in Richmond and the store you shop at is in Chester. The Chester store would also be part of the program.

If you live outside of the test market region nothing has changed for you.

1) The +UP rewards will be automatically loaded to members' wellness + card so you no longer have to keep track of paper receipts.

2) Say you have a  $5.00 & $6.00 +UP on your card and your order after discounts is $6.10. before coupons it will automatically apply the $6.00 UP and not allow you to use your coupons.

3) It also does not take the oldest +UP first off your card.

4) If you don't want certain +UPs to be used you have to unclick them from your card before making a purchase. Otherwise it will take it off. 

5) A +UP can be used starting 6 a.m. on the following day after it was earned and will remain on card for 14 days.

Go to Load2Cardnow to view and manage your account. Basically the safest things to do is 1) ring your order, 2) give your coupons and 3) scan your card. Otherwise it will take your +UPs and not allow your coupons.

Let me know if I missed a deal. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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