Friday, March 25, 2011

Gayton Baptist Church Food Pantry

I went on Wednesday  to check out a food pantry that we can send our goodies to each week or whenever you take yours. Driving downtown to the Central Food Bank is very far for some so this will give you another option.

I meet Laura one of the coordinators who is a couponer. Yah and yes she uses coupons to shop for the church. She told me they can take anything even appliances or clothes. The only items that cannot take as of now are refrigated items.

Gayton Baptist Church has it set up really nice. You come around the back and go through the middle doors. You can drop off any day in the week as long as the church is open. There is a blue Tote to your right when you walk in to leave your items.

 I always like to go and check out places. Thanks to couponer Diva Diane at Target I meet this week, she told me about the church. Thank you so much again Diane and Jeffery.

Pantry Hours:

Wed 12:30-2 pm or by appt.

Church # 804 360 2801

Gayton Baptist Church
13501 N. Gayton Road
Henrico, VA 23233

Thanks Diane & Laura,

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