Friday, March 11, 2011

Concerning Weekly Diaper Deals!

I know you have probably wondered where the Weekly Diaper and Formula deals have gone. Thirfty Cassie and her husband have decided to take a break for now or for good with a new one coming and focus on the family. I heart them for making that decision. Extra income is extra income but family is first.

If you don't know I will tell you that blogging in alot of work. Doing one store can take up to two to three hours. I use to try to get alot of the upcoming weekly deals posted on Saturday evenings but it just got to be too hard because I keep the Sabbath I don't post from Friday evening till after sunset on Saturday.  So I don't start posting until Sunday which is better for me and my family, but occassionally I do get to start on Saturday nights.

I am very happy for them because family is first. Blogging is second. When you children are small you can't get back these moments, they only come once with each and the same with family time and events. So with that said I will be highlighting baby deals if the store have them on sale.

Please send the love and over at their site.

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