Friday, December 3, 2010

Rite Aid: My Rite Aid Trip $2.48 OOP

I am so proud of myself. God has really helped me over the last couple of years really learn how to trust him and not lean on my own understanding but his. I paid $2.48 out of pocket, but $2.17 was tax( see my receipt above). So it only cost me $0.31 for my entire purchase. My state needs a lower tax amount LOL. Great Donations for charity.

Here is what I got:

6-Gillette Deodorants $3.50 each on sale
2-Gillette Fusion Razors $9.00 each on sale
3-Candy Bars (fillers) $0.50 each
1-Chocolate Cherry $0.33 each
2-3D Foamies Jewerly Boxes $2.99 & $1.49 on sale B1G1 50% off (will use for gift baskets)
2-Pinesols 28 oz. $2.00 each
Before coupons $51.48

Coupons Used:
$5/25 RA coupon x11/30
$5/2 Foamies RA Decemeber Video Value
2-$4.00/1 Gillette Fusion Razor coupons from 11/28 PG x12/31
4-$2.00/1 Gillette Deodorants 10/31 PG x11/30
1-$1.00/1 Off any pinesol (ran out of ink and could not print a second one)
2-Buy 2 GilletteDeodorants Get One (1) Gillette Deodorant Free coupon 11/28 PG x12/31
Used $12.00 in UP rewards from last week
After coupons $2.48 ($2.17 was tax)

Then received
$1.00 UP Pinesol, $5.00 UP Gillette Razor, $5.00 UP Gillette Razor, $2.00 UP Gillette Deordorant, $2.00 UP Gillette Deordorant, $2.00 UP Gillette Deordorant, $10.00 Credit to for purchasing P&G Products. I got $27.00 in UPS. I love Rite Aid.

How did you do this week?

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