Friday, December 2, 2011

Homemade: Liquid Hand Soap

This will be the quickest 5 minutes and yes you read it right five minutes of your time.

When I was at Whole Foods there bar soap is $0.69 regularly priced. Most weeks the drug stores will have single bars on sale also. One to name is Yardley's bar soap at Walgreen's or Dollar General for $0.70 or less with a sale.

I decided to use my Ivory soap from my stock pile that I got Free at Kroger from August. Some months P&G will put out a $0.50/1 Ivory soap, body wash or liquid hand soap coupon which will double to $1.00 = Free. Please note I will finish out my Ivory and then use a more natural one.

Items needed

Hand Grater
Wooded Spoon
10 Cups Water
1 Cup Bar Soap Flakes
1 Tab of Glycerin
Empty Soap Dispensers


Pour water in pot on medium heat. Grate soap flakes. Add soap flakes and glycerin to water. Should only take about 2 minutes to dissolve. Make sure soap is clearly dissolved. Turn pot off and let cool 4-5 hrs. Once cooled stir because it will gel up and load your bottles with funnel.

Note: I did use my stick whisk for the stirring pot and let my little one help. Did I have a little mess and lose some soap to my carpet, yes but it was FUN.

Also soaps that are moisturizing soaps like Dove or Dial will be more watery but still just as effective and remember the suds part is only a gimmick.

I purchased the glycerin for ($4.32 with 25% off coupon)  6 oz. for $5.49 reg price at CVS which is plant based so please don't use the vegetable glycerin. Glycerin can be purchased at any drug store but all do not carry it and whole food only carries vegetable glycerin.

Final results

Seven bottles plus enough for three refills. So 10 cups makes about 10 7.5 oz. bottles. Since I only have to use 1 tablespoon of glycerin per batch. I will be able to get 96 batches out of this bottle so 960 bottles for $4.32. A bottle of liquid soap cost about $1.00 without a sale so you do the math. Now to see how to make this into foam soap.

My reason for doing this was to show there are many things that we can make at home and save money. And you can customize this infuse your water with your favorite tea, add natural plant or fruit based coloring and add essential oils. Now this is one thing I can mark of my list.

Have you ever tried this? What brand of soap did you use and what were your results?

Let me know if I missed a deal. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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