Monday, May 30, 2011

Rite Aid: Updated Coupon Policy Effective 5/25

Please be sure to print your new policy here. I have not shopped at Rite Aid in a while because the deals have not been that great for me and I am not store loyal only price. So I will continue to shop but only at my price points.

Changes are as follows:

Buy One, Get One Free

Rite Aid accepts Buy One, Get One Free coupons, however only one coupon can be used for each pair of items purchased. A customer can use one "cents off" coupon in conjunction with the item they are purchasing on a Buy One Get One Free promotion (or with a Buy One Get One Free coupon), although the value of the cents off coupon cannot exceed the selling price of the item.

Buy One Get One Free coupons cannot be used in conjunction with a Buy One Get One Free promotion.

Example 1:

Cottonelle Toliet Paper $8.99 B1G1 Free
$1.00/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper Manufacture coupon
=$7.99 wyb 2

Note: You can no longer use two $1.00/1 coupons, only one. Also, If you had a B1G1 Free manufacture coupon you can no longer use it to get both free, just paying tax only. So you cannot use coupons (manufacture or  $1.00/1 Rite Aid Video Values) any longer on any free items only the item you have to buy as of 5/25/2011.

Example 2:

Cottonelle Toliet Paper $8.99 (not on sale)

Note: If you have a B1G1 Free coupon for Cottonelle and a $1.00/1 Cottonelle coupon then it could be used in this case because neither is on sale for Buy One Get One Free. Buy two packs at $8.99 each = $17.98. The coupon will pay for one and you will pay $7.99 plus tax for the two packs.


When making a return for a product that had a coupon attached, Rite Aid cannot refund cash for the value of the coupon and cannot return the coupon that was used.

Basically no more store credit and you will lose the Up rewards that were used. Only your cashed amount will you receive. Just be sure you have the right product.


Rite Aid may accept up to 4 identical coupons for the same number of qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers within the store manager’s sole discretion.

If you want to buy 6 deodorants, you will only be allowed to use 4 manufacture coupons even though you are buying 6 products. Certainly I would only buy four and do another transaction to buy the other two products. I am not sure how Rite Aid will be able the sell products when most of there sales require you to purchase certain dollar amount in order to receive the Up reward.

Example: Purchase $30.00 of select product and receive $10.00 UP. They are getting around this with the new tracking program at the bottom of your recepts now. So you don't have to purchase all at one time. But this can get costly making serveral trips to the stores to fullfill the deal.

What are your thoughts?

Let me know if I missed a deal. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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