Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Martins: Update

The Hallmark card deal at Martin's is pretty awesome and a good time to stock up on all diffrent kinds of cards. Remember this lasts till 5/14 according to the sign.

I bought 6 $0.99 cards and received 10% off each one. I paid $5.67 with tax and received (2) $5.00/1 OYNO coupons. The $5.00 Off coupon will print for every three cards that you purchase prices start at $0.99 and up.

I then used the coupons to purchase 3 packs of meat. You can only redeem one per transaction. I paid $0.50 for 1 st and $0.67 for my 2 nd trans.

So $6.84 out of pocket for 3 packs of meat & 6 cards. They roll so you could buy 6 $0.99 cards and get (2) $5.00 coupons. Pay then buy 6 more use one $5.00 cat pay tax and two more will print.

Let me know if I missed a deal. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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