Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fraud Coupon: $2.00/2 Listerine, Carefree, Zyrtec, Band Aid

This came across the web late last night. It has been determined that this coupon is not legit. I have removed the link. Pretty crazy what some people would do. The coupon prints as a brick coupon so you would think it is alright. Please shred or throw away any that you still have. Stores will not be reimbused. If you still have your unopend items it would be a good idea to take the items back to the store.

If you try to use the coupon and the store has received this new memo it maybe very embrassing for you so please don't use it. This is why companies loose money and we suffer in the end being good people.

Read more on this here

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  1. Thanks! I used this today but it wouldn't scan. The manager sees me in there all the time so she went ahead and keyed it in. I'll be bringing them back tomorrow.

  2. Your welcome and thanks for taking your items back your store will thank you. This coupon has been out for a while so this will be alot of money stores will have to eat.



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